Reduce Tummy Fat - Basic Principles That Will Help You Reduce Tummy Fat

Tummy fat is not a desirable trait (regardless of what your mother thinks). With so many health issues related to tummy fat it should be a no brainer that reducing tummy fat should be one of your goals. If not for the health issues do it for the good old vain reasons. No tummy fat means better health and abs. Keep reading to know how to reduce tummy fat.

Reduce Tummy Fat

Improve you eating habits

Your first step in reducing tummy fat should be improving you eating habits. This means cutting down on fatty, sugary foods. Cut down on fast food, fried food, fatty dishes, pastries and sugary sodas. By reducing you empty calories intake your body will start burning your tummy fat stores.

Be more active! Start exercising

In order to shrink your belly you have to spend more calories than you eat. By exercising you will burn those calories. It does not matter if you are completely out of shape. Start by walking for 20-30 minutes per day. Do some bodyweight exercises. When you get in better shape you will be able to exercise longer and harder thus increasing the amount of calories you can burn.

Do not give up

You didn't get fat by accident. It took some time and you know it. The good news is that it will only take you a few months to reduce your tummy fat and get that desirable six pack you want. You will be seeing results every week so why not take a few before and after pictures to stay motivated and motivate others.
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