Weight Loss Eating Plan: Three Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables

It's no secret that any good weight loss eating plan needs to include lots of vegetables. The benefits of vegetables to our body are endless, and they are a must if we want to lose weight and put on lean muscle mass.

Weight Loss Eating Plan

However, I know that many people do not like certain vegetables, and those that do have trouble figuring out ways to include vegetables in their weight loss program.

I know. I have struggled with this myself in the past. Fortunately, through some much experimentation and a little discipline, I have developed three easy methods that I use frequently to make sure that I include enough vegetables into my daily weight loss eating plan.

So let me stop blabbering and give you the methods:

1. Prepare your vegetables at the beginning of each week. The first thing I do after I go shopping each week is break out the cutting board, a knife, and all my fresh vegetables. Typically, I'll buy two tomatoes, three bell peppers, an onion, some carrots, and another various vegetable that I feel like trying. After about five minutes of chopping and slicing, I have all my vegetables ready, and I put them in Tupperware containers for the week. Now I have quick and easy access to all my fresh veggies for things like omelets, stir fries, and any other snack or meal that I'm making.

2. Make omelets, chili, and stir fries. These three meals are essentials in my healthy weight loss plans, and I recommend them to everyone. The great part about them is that they are really simple and really hard to screw up. And the best part is that all three of these meals require an abundance of vegetable...any kind you like!

3. Add vegetables to your fat loss shakes and smoothies. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I add spinach to every smoothie that I make, and not once have I ever tasted spinach. If you are making your fat loss smoothies correctly, with protein, assorted fruits, nuts, and maybe some peanut butter, you will not even notice that spinach is there...and you'll be consuming one of the most power-packed health monster vegetables of all time!

I hope these simple techniques for adding more vegetables to your weight loss eating plan helped you to see how easy it is (with a little discipline) to include and enjoy more vegetables in your meals each day.
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